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Due to the ongoing and disproportionate response to a not particularly deadly virus, I have been unable to earn an honest living running chair courses and have sadly taken the decision to cease running said courses and look for other avenues of earning the daily bread.  Thank you to all those who have been on the chair making journey with me and to all those who were to make that journey I am sorry that I could not take you.
Let's hope a really nasty virus doesn't come along that actually kills more than 0.2% of the population.....
Course Reviews
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"Zen and the art of chair making. Relax, relax some more and end up with your own hand made chair. Under Stewart's calm, patient, attentive instruction you can't fail to make a beautiful chair. With the help of the beautiful Suffolk countryside, some like-minded souls, Bel's lunches, Fin and Flea's encouragement (their dogs) this is a totally immersive tonic for the soul. Can't recommend it enough."
Steve H, May 2018
"I have just spent a fantastically enjoyable, informative and, to my amazement, successful five days with some great people on Stewart's Chair-Making Course. As a total novice when it came to green-wood working, there was a lot to learn and tasks to perform in order to complete the project, but the atmosphere created was very calm and relaxed, and I had as much guidance as I needed when the inevitable questions came up. It was good not to have to aim for perfection, but to look at and go with what the wood offered. Apart from the enjoyment and skills I learned on the course, what did I actually achieve ? Well, I suppose the final word should come from the wife when I brought the fruits of my labours home. Simply - "WOW !!"
Ron A, May 2018
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