I make three styles of chair - settin' chair, side chair and carver.  All are constructed using unseasoned ash and have seats woven with danish cord.  All my chairs have clean, simple lines with the minimum of embellishments and use the natural features of the wood such as knots, spalting and interesting grain patterns.  Please be aware that the character of the wood determines the unique qualities of the chair, so a set of chairs will look similar but not identical, but they will be beautiful!
All chairs are made to commission only and the waiting time is about three months.
The Lark Settin' Chair
The design of the Settin' Chair derives from traditional designs used in the Cumberlands region of southeastern Kentucky, USA.  The seat height is only 14 inches instead of the more usual 18 inches.  The chair is specifically designed to be tilted to achieve the perfect sitting position for whoever is using it.  The chair is perfect for a small room or for sitting around the fire.  
Lark Settin' Chair in Ash
The Alde Side Chair
A more conventional design for use as a hall or dining chair
Alde Side Chair in Ash
The Deben Carver
Similar in basic design to the side chair with the addition of arms and traditional Suffolk balls in the back panel.
Deben Carver in Ash

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